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"Thirteen Five" textile industry needs to reposition

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In China's economic development has entered a new normal background, textile industry, "Thirteen Five" development planning are in full swing under development, including new localization-related textile industry is an important issue.

As we all know, China is the world's largest textile production, consumption exporting country, the total amount of fiber processing and clothing accounted for more than 50% share of the world textile and apparel export share of 37%, the global textile industry chain is the most complete, most complete range s country.

"Textile industry 'second five' plan summarized in three sentences height position in the industry, namely the traditional pillar industry of the national economy and an important livelihood industry and international competitive advantage industry." China Textile Industry Association vice president of Sun Rui Zhe, said recently, China's economic development in the new normal, the textile industry needs to reposition the status of the textile industry, "thirteen five" period may be summed up in three words: people's livelihood and the pillar industry of national economy and social development, promote cultural and creative, leading lifestyle fashion and consumer industries, high-tech applications, international development and business model innovation leading industry.

Sun Rui Zhe in opinion, "Made in China 2025" 10 proposed to three years to achieve the manufacturing power to create power shift strategic objectives, the textile industry has the world textile power forward advance ranks foundation and advantages. "Thirteen Five" period is the key period for China's textile and power construction, textile industry, a deep understanding of "Made in China 2025" strategic objectives and implementation of the road, take the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, give full play to market allocation of resources decisive role, on the one hand accelerate their transformation and upgrading, create comparative advantages, to create a core competitiveness, on the other hand the processing industry and a good relationship with society, ecology and consumption, the final completion of the textile technological power, textile brand power, textile and textile sustainable power a talent development .

According to reports, in the context of the current construction of the overall layout of ecological civilization, during the "Thirteen Five", the textile industry will be the establishment of mechanisms, technologies and products as well as three levels of circular economy to promote the construction of ecological civilization.