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Five textile equipment maintenance problems to be solved

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Although textile companies know their quality equipment maintenance management has an important influence on the device performance can normally play, but that many textile enterprises management and maintenance of equipment is not satisfactory, many companies are still in the actual management there are many problems to be solved, summed up in five areas.

First, do not stop to seriously implement the textile enterprises, enterprise management refinement. Reform and opening up 30 years, many advanced foreign management model has been deeply rooted in the textile enterprise. From the beginning of "total quality management" (TQC) the full implementation of the state-owned enterprises, 18 to modern management methods, 5S management, "Total Quality Management (TQM)", these quality management systems have a very hot moment. However, the current domestic textile enterprises, especially small and medium textile enterprises, can really bring advanced enterprise management as a good implementation of the rules and regulations are few. He was in the 1990s, when the author in Anhui Huamao company over a period of on-site learning. I was the biggest feeling is, Huamao companies have become the vanguard of ringing in the industry because of work "seriously". I deeply feel TQC total quality management has been deeply rooted in each team in Huamao company, everyone, into everyone's heart.

Second, enterprises in the reform process of downsizing, there will continue to ensure the quality of maintenance of equipment as a prerequisite. In recent years, since the entire textile industry structure is changing, especially in a substantial increase in labor costs, the demographic dividend is gradually fading, reduce employment imperative. It should be said, to reduce employment not a bad thing, but worrying is that many SMEs tends to reduce blind people. These enterprises and employment are not based on actual items of equipment maintenance and need to arrange, whether it is a high degree of automation of the new textile equipment or the eighties and nineties of the old equipment, all in accordance with the so-called simple standard Save people, this approach resulted in about Lack of maintenance projects. In addition, many service personnel without any training, skills begins with a single step at step transferred more job skills to work; some of the high-tech imported equipment maintenance personnel, without systematic training on the spot to direct induction of situation uncommon; in addition, there are still some companies reduced or even eliminated the equipment management organization and management personnel or their work functions into other sectors also responsible for the situation. I understand that many private enterprises have neither the equipment responsible for managing departments, but also not equipped with professional equipment management, which will inevitably lead to a disconnect between management and operational level, or even a "limbo" situation, the equipment management mere formality.

Third, random simplify management operations, systems, and unscientific. While many private sector to develop a "reference man-machine" system, but did not develop the appropriate equipment maintenance system, or if it developed a system of maintenance of machinery and equipment but not scientific and reasonable, not to mention the mechanical equipment and equipment, the establishment of accounting, the technical files. The business specific use of machinery and equipment not only a lack of detailed knowledge, but also free to simplify management and reduce the management aspects, which causes loose management and confusion. Although there are some companies with a professional equipment maintenance personnel, but also because there is no detailed scientific maintenance system constraints, when equipment maintenance is often casual stride, once the device there is a problem, there will not find a specific person in charge of the case, these cases will result in increased equipment failure, premature aging.

Fourth, the implementation of device management light, heavy cope. Currently, many companies over-emphasize the main benefit, not only equipment maintenance cycle can be changed to make way for the benefit, and the content can also reduce maintenance, system maintenance may vary with the flexibility to change the boss's instructions. Some bosses even seen as a talisman management system, seen as a corporate facade, even though companies spend money to engage in an ISO international standard, taking more or sell products and respond to relevant agencies certified check, rather than from the heart to do it according to the system .

Fifth, do not follow the requirements for maintenance and replacement of machinery factory. I often find textile enterprise equipment maintenance too casual situations in practice. These companies either to replace old equipment parts and equipment on the new generation of high-speed devices, delays or replace badly worn parts and equipment, or in order to save cost, low-speed devices on the purchase of components used in high-speed machines, and even when It will be shoddy. In addition, a new generation of equipment using old equipment refueling thinking is a common phenomenon in many enterprises exist. As we all know, the old equipment for general use oil, butter, molybdenum disulfide, etc., and imported equipment lubricants used well could seriously affect the parts and the whole life, so the device should be strictly refueling category segments, must not be confused. But now there are still companies refueling operations randomness, such as spinning front oil bath gearbox plus non-formal plant oils to heavy wear gear are common occurrences. Some bearings should be extreme pressure lithium grease, but with the general instead of butter or molybdenum disulfide, which makes equipment life shortened; even some companies will be around two oils admixed with, not for the easy cleaning bearings, these practices will give equipment caused great destruction.






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